Good Morning folks looks like rain again in Carolina. Anyway hope everyone is having a great summer. we sure did.

Hurricane Matthew is coming Y'all. Is your boat ready? please check batteries, bilge pumps, double lines at your dock if you have any questions how to prepare feel free to contact us to see if you are ready.

Looking back at times helps you to track your progress

Work spring is in full swing ,Seeing a lot of the things we see year in year out.Lots of fuel issues ...unfortunately they are not going anywhere either as this alcohol/sludge from ethanol fuel seems to be here to stay.There is a new elephant in the game room however .In the form of emission control.the new catalyst for i/o ,stern drives , o/b you are most likely next on this chopping block.These systems are expensive and a few are designed to operate without costly failure.

Hope everyone is having a safe and fun Labor Day


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